Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 5: Lori makes her appearance

Got up early and made a grocery run for breakfast. Then, I rode out to find the airport, so I would not be late to pick up my spouse. After that, I rode around looking for the Rapid City H-D location. I wanted to get my HOG pin for the rally. Finally found the dealership and learned that they did not have any pins. So, I did some shopping and had my bike washed by some poor, underdressed waifs.

I returned to the lodge and had a few hours to spend with my brother, Kevin and his wife, Sherry. It was nice.

Lori was due in at 8:30, but texted me to say that weather had delayed her flight, as well as a possible mechanical problem. After much back and forth, she finally made it in at 10:45. Whew!

On another note; while on my way to meet her to escort her to the lodge, I got pulled over for speeding: 53 in a 45. I got off with just a warning. Double whew!!

As it was nearly midnight when we got in, I postponed posting this until today. So for all of you who's were expecting to read of my exploits...sorry. But, at least you get two posts today.

Later, friends

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