Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 9: Lori's Choice

Today we said goodby to my brothers and Chris, who decided to get an early start on their return trip. After breakfast, we watched as they motored away and then drove Lori's huge Suburban back to Mt. Rushmore for a longer visit. We were glad that we did, for the time was well spent.

After that, we went to a Christmas store where Lori perused over 10,000 ornaments before settling on two. I did say that this was her day, didn't I?

Then, we had lunch and went to Wall to visit Wall Drug and see the Badlands. Wall Drug was entertaining, but we were a bit disappointed by the badlands. I'm not paying $11.00 to look at barren wastelands.

We returned to the lodge and walked around the grounds. There are several abandoned mines here and we found two - one was still open, but as I had no flashlight...I opted to stay out.

We made our final drive into Custer for supper before returning to pack for the long trip home. I will escort Lori to the airport in the morning before pointing my headlight east for the three-day ride.

I will write more tomorrow from the road.

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