Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 12: Lunch with my mom

Made it through Missouri and Tennessee unscathed by threatening weather and headed down to Mississippi to have lunch with my mother and sister.

I have traveled over 4,000 miles on this trip without incident, but I nearly dropped the bike twice on the soft, red clay that makes up the road my mom lives on. The front end just wanted to wash out. It took all my concentration and control to keep it straight. Thankfully, Lori was not there today. With the extra weight I think I would have lost it.

Despite the close call, we had a very nice visit. But, the road called and I begged off after three hours.

After negotiating the clay road once more, I pointed the headlights toward Alabama. I had clear skies and open roads until I got into Birmingham. Once there, the rain, which up until now I have evaded, caught me during rush hour. Realizing that heavy traffic and slick roads are a deadly combination for motorcycles, I opted to pull off and get a room for the night. Wise choice!

So, here I am in Birmingham. I will need to get an early start in the morning if I am to get home at a reasonable hour. So, until tomorrow, which will be my final trip blog, good night and be safe.

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