Friday, May 10, 2013

Editor's Preliminary Comments

Well, I received the manuscript from my editor, complete with grammar corrections, scene improvements, and her personal observations. I was thrilled to see what she had to say after reading the entire story.

"I am dying for the movie of this. And the barbie dolls of the characters, haha. Lunchboxes. stickers."

I have tried to create a story that entertains the reader. If at the same time I am able to make an emotional connection...well, all the better. As far as I am concerned, that is the best affirmation of my labors.

While I believe I have written a good story, I had no idea that it could generate such an emotional connection with the reader. I am pleased.

Of course, writing the story is only a small part of the equation; I must find and secure the representation of a literary agent. Then the agent must find a publisher interested in taking a chance on an unknown author. To borrow a line from a more successful author: the odds are not in my favor (apologies to Suzanne Collins).

Poor odds or not, I shall endeavor to persevere. With the support of my fans and positive affirmation from my editor, I believe I will see Quest in bookstores someday.

To help make that happen I will need all of you to spread the word. Once I get the manuscript cleaned up, I plan on releasing it in e-book format through Kindle or Nook while I wait for a traditional publisher. Stay tuned for more information.

In closing I would like to share a comment from my editor: "Dang, you're going to be rich and famous before long." "...[W]ow, I had a good time." From her mouth to a NY Times literary editor's ears.