Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 11: Weather...what weather?

Woke to a new day and high expectations for a great ride. What I saw when I stepped outside was...FOG! Thick, dense, and pervasive. The rider staying next door said that there were severe thunderstorms moving across I-29, which I was traveling, and headed toward I-70, which I was intending to ride when I left KC. Not good!

He showed me a radar shot of the storms and it was just like he said...bad news for bikers. Well, I couldn't stay there waiting for the weather to pass, so I said a quick prayer, "God, please give me a safe passage to my destination."

With that done, I put my rain gear on (not that I did not have faith, it was foggy and wet), and started out for KC. When the fog finally cleared about fifty miles down the road, I could see the dark clouds looming in the distance. Undaunted, I pressed on.

It sprinkled on me before reaching KC, but that was all. The storm moved east and missed me (or, I missed it).

I left I-29 and turned onto I-70. Note: I-70 is a very busy commercial corridor. Lots of eighteen-wheelers.

Sill wearing my rain gear (not a faith issue... I swear), I started toward St. Louis. The storm was nowhere to be seen, I was pleased to note.

When I got close to St. Louis, the storm materialized in earnest. Dark clouds were ominous and directly in my path. Then, a little voice inside my head said, "you need gas, and you are hungry."
Indeed, that was the case. So, I pulled off and filled both tanks. In the interim, the storm moved off and I continued my journey unwashed by rain.

By now, I was growing tired and began looking for a dry haven.

Now, here I am safe and sound and thanking God for his protection. Was His hand in the weather moving out of my way? I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Whoever or whatever was involved, I am grateful.

Tomorrow I make my way to Mississippi to see my sister and mother. More after that.

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